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Why Choose Skyline Travel and Tourism LTD to Plan Your Hajj or Umrah Journey?

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam that is obligatory on every Muslim brother or sister who has the financial position to afford this pilgrimage, is physically and mentally healthy to fulfil all rituals of Hajj. Millions of Muslims from around the world gather at the holy city of Makkah and its surrounding area Mina to perform this greater pilgrimage.

Starting on the 8th of Dhuʻl-Hijjah and ending on the 13th of Dhuʻl-Hijjah, this gathering of the Muslims is one of the biggest gatherings in the world where everyone seeks to gain blessings of Allah (SWT) and ask for the expiation of sins. This massive gathering of Muslims in Makkah for performing rites of Umrah means things can quickly mess up due to lack of arrangements or even small mismanagement can turn a full blessing Hajj journey into a full of worries and troubles one blessed journey.

This is the reason you should book your Hajj package from a reliable, trustworthy and registered Hajj agent like Skyline Travel. We are not only certified IATA protected Hajj booking services provider that ensures a financially-protected pilgrimage but, is also entrusted by thousands of Muslims from the UK due to our reliable services and best 2022 Hajj package deals including 5 star non-shifting Hajj deals, 5 star shifting Hajj offers with luxury facilities at affordable rates or economical 3-star Hajj shifting packages that have been designed to facilitate the UK Muslims in performing rituals of Hajj with peace of mind.

Rule Out Worldly Worries to Focus on Greater Pilgrimage by Booking Well-Designed Hajj Packages 2022

We at Skyline Travel offer a vast variety of specially crafted all-inclusive Hajj packages 2022 ranging from low-priced Hajj deals with cheap desired facilities to deluxe Hajj packages with luxury assuring hotels, business class flights & comfortable transport options.

We offer a wide range of flights for Hajj from world-class airlines, hotel reservations and multiple travel services. We are an IATA certified Hajj travel agency authorised with Ministry of Hajj KSA to ensure quick and timely visa processing, affiliated with all top 100+ airlines with 1000+ flights of economical to business-class that fly towards Jeddah & Medina from your respective cities from every airport of UK, collaborated with top 750+ hotels from cheap to luxury ones in both Makkah & Medina and partnered with the leading ground transportation service providers for arranging standard to comfort assuring vehicles to design these Hajj packages with your desired facilities.

We in-house 150+ IATA-certified Hajj booking experts who have years of experience in the field, utilise their knowledge, training & experience, consider your travelling requirements, keep your budget limit in mind, reserve the direct or indirect flight tickets at cheap & affordable prices, find best hotels near Haram with all the desired facilities, arrange luxury transport, handle all administrative & managerial tasks, arrange VIP camps in Mina along with Qurbani and ensure fast processing of visa to design these all inclusive Hajj packages 2022.

Reserve Carefully Compiled Hajj Packages 2022 for Families to Travel with Perform Pilgrimage with Children & Parents

At Skyline Travel, we facilitate the UK Muslim families in performing Hajj without hassles & worldly worries by offering a variety of carefully created family Hajj packages 2022 ranging from economical family Hajj packages, luxury 5-star family Hajj deals, Hajj offers for families with 2 adults and one child to all-inclusive Hajj packages for 7 to 10 family members that facilitate all in performing Hajj.

Our well-experienced Hajj agents have applied their 20+ years of expertise & knowledge of serving 15k+ Muslim families to include all necessary amenities suited for the infants, children, adults & disabled pilgrims & consider the age groups of all families members to arrange every facility in these Hajj packages for the year 2022.

Additionally, our Hajj specialists utilise our affiliation with 100+ airlines to include the best flights tickets in top airlines that charge nominal for infants & children, take advantage of our association with 750+ top hotels to make luxurious accommodation in near-to-Haram hotels with all amenities available for family members & use our direct contacts with top transport service providers to arrange comfortable SUVs for inner-city travellin of families while designing these Hajj packages 2022 for families.

Spend Full of Spiritual & Blessed Moments of Hajj with Near & Dears when you book Well-Crafted Group Hajj Packages for 2022

Skyline Travel offers a huge variety of well-catered group Hajj packages 2022 ranging from 3-star shifting Hajj packages for low budget groups, affordable 4-star Hajj deals for groups that want to enjoy a blend of affordability with luxury, 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages for groups to 4, 8, 10, 20 or 50 person group Hajj packages to provide the ultimate luxury & worry-free travelling. By serving 30,000+ Hajjis out of which 10% consisted of groups of 4 people or more, our IATA certified group Hajj experts regularly study the feedback of all group members after their return & combine this knowledge with their expertise to design these group Hajj packages that facilitate each member of the group. From reservation of tickets in same flights to the booking of accommodation on the quad-sharing basis in same near Haram hotels or in Aziziya & arrangement of special upgraded buses for transportation, our agents utilise extensive affiliations with 100+ top airlines, networks with 750+ best hotels and contacts with popular transportation providers to arrange all facilities in these group Hajj packages for the year 2022. Not only that, but our Hajj guides are also available with you to guide you to every step of performing Hajj and help you get the complete joy of this Holy Pilgrimage while providing guidance at every step like finding tents in Mina or assisting on when to do what.

Spend Spiritually Gaining Time of Hajj with Significant Other by Availing Well-Arranged Couple Hajj Packages 2022

Skyline Travel offers plenty of specifically created Hajj packages 2022 for couples that include luxury 5-star couple Hajj packages, affordable 4-star couple Hajj deals, 7 days Hajj packages for couples & 14 days Hajj packages for couples.

These packages have been devised with extreme caution by our expert Hajj agents who take extra measures to ensure worry-free travelling for couples. Our proficient agents utilise direct connections with 100+ airlines to find & reserve business-class flights from the nearest airport, search luxurious accommodation with all facilities and Haram-view window from our 750+ partnered hotels and go one step ahead to pre-include luxury transport for comfortable Ziyarat or travelling between Makkah & Medina when designing these 2022 Hajj packages for couples.

Our Hajj booking specialists also understand the travelling needs of couples, help them plan a perfect Hajj getaway in 2022 that matches their budget & book these couple Hajj packages that meet their desired level of comfort.

Travel as Senior Citizen or Disabled Pilgrim for Hajj by Availing Expertly Designed Hajj Packages 2022 for Senior Citizens

Skyline Travel offers a massive collection of cautiously designed senior citizen Hajj packages 2022 ranging from all-inclusive Hajj packages with special facilities for disabled pilgrims to luxury Hajj deals with non-shifting hotels to resolve every disabled or senior Muslims’ problems. Our experts devise these senior citizen Hajj packages with special cautions, take extra care to include flights of airlines that offer extreme comfort as well as wheel-chair facility & book rooms of such hotels that are situated next to Haram while providing wheelchair accessible rooms and there is no difficulty of extra travelling because all these packages are non-shifting. Our specialised Hajj advisors who are expert in transport facility utilise their direct contacts with top transport services providers in KSA to arrange spacious SUVs or buses for hassle-free movement of disabled pilgrims or senior citizens when creating these 2022 Hajj packages for senior citizens. Not only that, our capable Hajj specialists listen to your requirements & resolve any problem that might be preventing you from going for Hajj & book these senior citizen Hajj packages for 2022 that include all required facilities.

Travel for Greater Pilgrimage Alone as a Lady or Alongside Other Females in Group by Booking Prudently Designed Ladies-Only Hajj Packages for year 2022

The knowledgeable female Hajj advisors of Skyline Travel understand Muslim sisters’ concerns about travelling alone for Hajj and have devised a huge collection of 20+ ladies-only Hajj packages 2022 that facilitate women over the age of 45 years to perform Hajj without any troubles.

This range includes economical 3-star shifting Hajj packages for ladies only, affordable Hajj deals for women, luxurious 5-star non-shifting Hajj deals for women, cheapest ladies-only Hajj deals to group Hajj offers for 5, 10, 20 or 30 women. Our considerate booking experts take extra measures while crafting these ladies-only Hajj packages, talk directly to our returning female pilgrims to inquire & solve the issues faced by them, conduct deep research & find solutions to troubles faced by Muslim women during Hajj pilgrimage.

Moreover, our flight specialists find comfortable flights to include in these packages from your nearest airports by looking from 100+ affiliated airlines & 1000+ flights for reservation or arranging direct or connecting flights to Jeddah. Our hotel booking experts find the best accommodation from 750+ affiliated hotels to book female-only quad-sharing accommodation in close proximity to the ladies-only gate of Haram while designing these ladies-only Hajj packages for the year 2022. Our Hajj advisors also listen to your requirements, bear your budget in mind & hear about your desired level of comfort to create these best ladies-only Hajj packages that meet all your set standards and travelling expectations.

Book Well-Catered and Reasonably Priced Cheapest Hajj Packages with Skyline Travel to Travel from London, Birmingham, Manchester & Edinburgh in 2022

Skyline Travel knows that everyone is not capable of purchasing such Hajj Packages that have all the luxury amenities and high-class facilities. That’s why, we put constant efforts to provide our customers with the most budget-friendly, satisfactory and unique Hajj deals to travel in 2022.

Our well-trained agents compare hundreds of flights to find the cheapest one, utilise our affiliation with 750+ hotels to avail the promotional discounts on room rents, use advanced systematic approaches & arrange ground transportation at extremely affordable prices to design a huge range of cheapest Hajj packages 2022 ranging from 3 stars cheapest Hajj packages to 5 stars cheapest Hajj deals for our customers. You can choose the cheapest Hajj package from the available range that has all the necessary amenities included in it but its cost is the lowest so it will not become a burden on pockets.

Confused about what type of Hajj package you should choose? Get help from our dedicated customer care representatives that assist you in making selections by considering your budgets, required amenities and details of passengers.

Avail Affordable 5 Star Non-shifting Hajj Package Deals 2022 and Perform Hajj With Extra Bit of Luxury & Lavishness

Skyline Travel offers you an extensive range of marvellously designed 5 stars non-shifting Hajj Packages for 2022 varying from all-inclusive 5 Star non-shifting Hajj deals, affordable 5-star non-shifting Hajj offers cheapest 5-star Hajj packages to 21 days 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages with luxury amenities. Our experienced tour organisers utilise their massive contacts with 5-star hotels in both holy cities and include such accommodation in these packages that have spacious rooms, extraordinary room services, gymnasiums, family halls, free Wi-Fi facility and best of all these hotels are situated just a few steps away from Haram.

We ensure that your stay remains hassle-free in these hotels during the whole Hajj pilgrimage and you don’t have to shift your luggage from hotel to hotel or place to place in order to save your budget. We also use our advanced real-time ticketing systems to include such flights in these Hajj deals for 2022 that have comfortable cabin seats and matchless services. Fast Visa processing, Qurbani, VIP camp in Mina, guide Islamic scholars, webinars, and transportation services in upgraded buses are also included in these 5-star Hajj packages for 2022.

All of these packages provide access to hotel rooms during Manasek and a sofa bed at the Mina Camp – both options are included for your comfort”

Book Well-Arranged 5-Star Shifting Hajj Packages with Skyline Travel to Reap the Benefits of a Comfortable Hajj Trip in 2022 at Affordable Prices

We at Skyline Travel dedicatedly work to ensure that every customer feels comfortable during Hajj journey without paying too much prices. For that purpose, we have designed a massive variety of 5 star Shifting Hajj packages 2022 ranging from 14 days luxury Hajj deals with stay in apartments of Aziziya, 21 days 5 star Hajj packages and 21 days all-inclusive Shifting Hajj packages with competitive prices. We let you choose such a package from this available range that is affordable and has luxury amenities at same time. We arrange your stay in such Azizia apartments that are not a little bit less than 5 star hotels so you remain comfortable during Holy journey. After your stay is completed in Aziziya, you will be shifted to a 5 star hotel in Makkah where everything is on an extreme level of comfort that helps you overcome your travelling fatigue. We also include top class flights and luxurious transportation in these 2022 shifting Hajj packages with 5 star facilities to ensure comfort and hassle-free air & ground transportation for you.

Skyline Travel Offers Exclusive Deals for Economy 3 star shifting Hajj packages from UK

If you are low on budget or facing financial constraints for going on Hajj journey, we offer you a huge range of specially designed 3 star shifting Hajj packages that are an economical option to perform Hajj with necessary facilities. Whether you are planning to go solo or travelling with family or group to perform Hajj, we have got you covered through this huge range of 3 star shifting Hajj packages that include 3 star shifting Hajj deals for lone goers, 3 star shifting Hajj packages for families and 3-star shifting Hajj offers for groups. You can pick any package from this range as per your desired level of amenities & budget and also get assistance from our supportive CSRs in making selections. Our experienced tour operators design these packages with help of our alliance with apartments in Azizia to significantly reduce the overall costs and make sure to arrange flights and transportations at low prices to keep the cost of these packages reasonable for everyone. Rest assured that availing these 3 star shifting Hajj packages at economical prices doesn’t mean that they have low-class facilities like low-class apartment rooms, flights of low-rated airlines and uncomfortable transportation. AlHaram Travel has been a leading Hajj service provider in the UK for a decade and we always use a customer centric approach to design all of our Hajj Packages. These 3 star shifting Hajj packages are designed with such Azizia apartments that have comfortable rooms at low prices. Economy flights of top-rated airlines are included in these packages to minimise costs. We also ensure that these Hajj packages include such transportation between Makkah and Medina that is comfortable enough to save pilgrims from fatigue.

Avail Last-Minute Hajj Deals 2022 from Skyline Travel to Never Let Any Religious Opportunity Get By

Planned to go for Hajj at the eleventh hour? Worried you might not be able to make it for Hajj in 2022? Book carefully crafted last-minute Hajj deals 2022 with Skyline Travel to perform Hajj on a whim.

We are authorised with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Hajj that enables us to do quick visa processing and ensure approval even on urgent basis. Our association with top class hotels in KSA enables us to squeeze out a comfortable room of your liking and last but not the least, our alliance with the best airline companies allows us to compare & find the affordable flights to include in these last-minute Hajj packages for 2022 that fly to Saudi Arabia right from your respective cities in UK.

Contact Skyline Travel and Avail Special Offers and Deals at Cheapest Prices:

We at Skyline Travel love our customers and strive hard to solve their every travel-related need. We craft packages to fit the various budgets and schedules. We offer our customers a huge range of discounted Hajj packages 2022 including cheapest 3-star Hajj deals, all-inclusive 5 star shifting Hajj packages and luxury 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages that are all specially designed by our experienced travel consultants and have all the facilities like flights, visa, hotel, transportation and Ziyarats included in them. Be it for the lone-goers or first timers, we ensure highest comfort for all valued customers by offering a large variety of budget-friendly deals.

We can cater for any customisable family and group Hajj packages, starting from economy Hajj packages for 2 persons, 3 persons’ Family Hajj deals including 2 adults and a child or up to 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 persons group Hajj packages are also available. Here is what our expert Hajj agents do when you book Hajj packages for 2022 with us:

  • Provide one on one consultation to discuss the requirements for applying for Hajj visa and ensure the availability of necessary documents like photos as well as valid passport to apply for the Hajj visa and get it issued.
  • Advise you regarding the vaccination requirements and suggest the required vaccinations like Meningitis and PCR test that are required by pilgrims to enter KSA.
  • Give guidance on various aspects regarding Hajj rituals including the assistance in what to pack and when to leave for the airport and what to do after reaching the airport in KSA.
  • Remain in touch with you even after you have left for this pilgrimage and assist you at every step so you can focus on gaining blessings of Allah (SWT) while everything worldly is taken care of by our experts in advance.
  • Assign an experienced pilgrim in your group that also acts as a guide when doing various rituals of Hajj.
  • Create easy instalment plans spread over the coming months by booking in advance to facilitate UK pilgrims with the complete payment to be paid 1 month before departure.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your phone now and dial 0208 8139060 to consult with our experienced travel agents to book your Hajj package or you can send your queries at info@skylinetraveluk.com


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